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The Ultimate Wedding & Ceremony Workbook for the 'Planning-Impaired'

All the words you'll need to create a beautiful, unique, memorable ceremony. This book is perfect for the first-time officiant, as well as an anytime bride.

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This wedding basic pack will give you everything a first-time officiant will need to do a wedding. You'll have the Wedding Word ins Disc, certificates, and your official ordination documents. Even includes a parking placard for your vehicle!
Rev. Kyla Erickson:
"You'll be so glad you got this package!"

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Beautiful certificates with large gold seals. If you only plan to perform one or two weddings, this is a perfect deal for you.

You will give your couples something to cherish and to show their friends.

These certificates are on high-quality certificate paper and you'll be pleased to be able to give them to your couples.

Weddings, Funerals and Rites by Downloadl

 This product is  the complete  book of  ceremonies from Weddings, Funerals and Rites of Passage and is available for immediate download.

If you already have the book and want it so you can more easily manipulate and customize the ceremonies or you live in another country and want to get the book without any waiting, this is the thing for you.

Minister T-Shirt

This t-shirt is excellent for any minister who performs weddings. It can be worn for a consultation or a rehearsal. It can also be worn for casual church functions.

The shirts are pre-shrunk.

Please specify size when ordering: M-L-XL etc. through 4x.

Renewal of Vows Certs.

The renewal of vows certificates are a welcome gift to the couples you service.

They will appreciate a memento of their special day.

These certificates are on beautiful quality certificate paper and all come with a gold embossed seal.


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Everything you need to get started as a real minister!
  • Professional credit card style wallet credential (optional photo card available)
  • Imprinted ordination credential certificate with printed gold seal, suitable for framing.
  • Introductory booklet about the church and ministry
  • Parking placard
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Renewal of Marriage Certificate
  • Affirmation of Love Certificate
  • 2 Certificates of Baptism
  • 5 heavy duty embossed decorative foil certificate seals

Bonus item:

  • Wedding Words (& More) on Disc - Essential guide to marriage ceremonies, printable forms and instructions, state-by-state reference to marriage laws, graphics for printing your own materials, even an electronic organizer for your PC to help you track your schedule, contacts, and activities.


  • Upgrade to photo style wallet card
  • Add a minister manual
  • Add presentation folder(s)
  • Add a clip-on holder for your wallet card to instantly convert it for use as a clergy badge


Ultimate Wedding Officiant Package - $129.95

Includes bonus: Wedding Words on Disc and Wedding "How To" video!

With this package you will be able to put together top-quality, professional marriage services, including pre-wedding planning and organization. Whether you plan to do just one wedding or are interested in earning income as a part- or full-time marriage minister, this is the package for you!


  • Imprinted ordination credential, suitable for framing
  • Deluxe plastic credit card style wallet credential
  • Clergy parking placard for your windshield
  • Twelve marriage certificates
  • Two affirmation of love (commitment ceremony) certificates
  • Renewal of marriage vows certificate
  • Baptism certificate
  • 15 embossed decorative heavy duty foil certificate seals
  • 3 embossed presentation folders
  • Book: Ultimate Wedding Ceremony Guide Although written for brides, a very useful book for ministers. Pages can be removed for copying and arranging in a binder to piece together a unique ceremony.
  • Book: Weddings, Funerals and Rites of Passage This deluxe manual for ministers includes instructions for the minister on performing weddings, funerals and other ceremonies. How to avoid possible snags, FAQ for wedding ministers, and how to handle the business side of things. Over 270 pages of new wedding ceremonies, funerals, baby naming ceremonies, baptisms, house blessings and more. Non-denominational. Beautifully bound, hardcover book, appropriate for all occasions.

Plus the following bonus material:

  • Wedding-Words-On-Disc Edit and print ceremonies from your computer. Ready reference of useful wedding information, with ceremonies you can edit and paste together to suit any occasion. ($19.95 value!)
  • Wedding Business "How To" Video on DVD. Professionally produced video, featuring Amy Long, author of above wedding books and veteran wedding minister. Amy shows you step-by-step how to conduct your wedding ministry as a professional. (DVD Format)

Ideal for those really interested in learning how to be a wedding officiant.


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Weddings, Funerals and Rites of Passage - $24.95

We are now selling the hardbound version of this beautiful book.

  This amazing book has all the words you'll need to do a wide variety of ceremonies! Most books on the topics are just descriptions of how to do the ceremonies, but the authors assume that you will get the ceremony words from somewhere else. In this book, all the words are supplied, along with descriptions for how to do the various ceremonies. So, even as a new minister, you can come across as seasoned and professional. This is a must-have book for any minister.

The ceremonies are non-denominational and multi-denominational. There are wedding ceremonies, funeral services, baptisms for adults, baby naming and child naming for children, pet funeral, missing person ceremony, empty nest ceremony and much more!


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